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Utilizing the additional track of the car meant making the car wider, whilst at the same time we had to keep the car as light as possible, meaning only pre-impregnated autoclave carbon fiber was to be used as the primary material of choice. After initial renderings, we selected some of the world’s most talented clay modelers in the business. All having already worked on various projects from the famed Stuttgart Marque, they set about creating the stunning exterior lines of the Gunther Werks Vehicle.


Giving the car, a square track was imperative, just like the race cars and the legendary 959. Only then could we unlock the chassis, reducing the inherent understeer that arises from a narrower front track. Making the handling razor sharp, while staying true to the cars character meant the car would have to be made 6 inches wider. 



Making a car 6 inches wider both at the front and rear is easier said than done. Considerations for the mechanical elements had to be considered, whilst maintaining the correct factory design language. 

At the front the additional 30mm suspension width adjustability, built in from the factory, has been utilized gaining an additional 60mm track on the front axle, the 8.5” wide front wheels running 245 section tires, all had to be considered while reshaping the front fenders. At the rear the 11.5” rear wheels running 305 section tires had to be accommodated, while retaining the signature curves of the rear widebody hips.

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Reducing weight was one of the key objectives o. Replacing the sunroof-equipped steel roof with a carbon fiber roof, resulted in a saving of over 45lbs of weight from the top of the car which was critical, lowering the center of gravity in a stroke. 

The front hood was also redone in carbon fiber resulting in a 60% reduction in its weight. The hood is manufactured in the same 2x2 carbon as the car, but just to remind you to own something special, every time you open the hood you will be greeted with the gloss 4x4 carbon weave that the underside of the hood is made from.


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The front fascia was again designed with function in mind at its core. From the extra depth with an integrated front lip for additional downforce to the enlarged intake openings designed to aid cooling to the oil coolers contained within the bumper. The form of the bumper was elegantly designed and echo’s the great GT cars from the past and future. 

Similar rules applied to the rear bumpers, the center motorsport style exit exhaust required for the incredible engine, dictated the shape and lines, additional rear cooling vents were added to aid dissipating excess heat at the rear while perfectly blending back into the new rear wider fenders.


The rear spoiler is designed to provide the additional downforce 400hp requires. The elevated rear spoiler has a raised center section for additional downforce while it is 3 way adjustable to change the angle of attack for street or track driving modes.

The rear decklid incorporates a 3 ram air induction system, designed to feed the air cooled 4.0-liter engine to breath but to also stay cool under performance driving situations. Working in conjunction with the vented rear bumper it enhances the heat dissipation while the ram air system also increases air flow to the intake to increase atmospheric power.