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Gunther Werks: Driven

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Via PistonHeads by Kyle Fortune

Gunther Werks takes the last of the air-cooled 911s and applies some current thinking to create the sensational Gunther Werks 993.

Go on, admit it, that old thing in your garage, it isn’t quite as good as you say it is. Or, as it could be. I’m as guilty of it as the next man, internally and outwardly justifying the expense and hassle of old car ownership with a heavy dose of dewy-eyed nostalgia based on chatter about feel and connection.

I always cite the 90s as the peak for performance cars. As much as the current crop is amazing, they’re a bit too fast to really enjoy. The 90s was the tipping point when the grip to grunt ratio seemed bang on, steering systems were uncorrupted, brakes worked properly and nannying electronics and sport button nonsense were still very much in their infancy. I’ve two 90’s cars in my garage, a 993 Carrera and a 205 GTI. A pre-Varioram manual 2 coupe, and a 1.6, before you ask, as everyone does. They’re great. Actually, let’s be honest here – they’re good.

The Gunther Werks is great. Amazing actually. Off-the-charts brilliant. There, modern readers, you don’t need to go scroll down any further. Still here? Now I know it’s not a new idea to take an old car and modernise it. Indeed, there are plenty of examples of re-imagined or re-engineered classics out there. Eagle does the E-Type, Frontline Developments will build you a ‘new’ MG and if you’ve not heard of Singer with its jewel-like 911s then where have you been recently?


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