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Gunther Werks Road Trip Across America. Tests metal during 2018 goldRush Rally

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Via Automobile by Emmie Farber

Gunther Werks is a company devoted to improving the iconic Porsche 993. Recently, one of its modified models accomplished an exhausting 5,700-mile public test while rolling hard in the 2018 goldRush Rally.

While passing through 11 major cities, it was exposed to extreme testing throughout multiple on-track events.

The goldRush Rally was the impeccable place to platform the reliability of the 430-horsepower air-cooled Porsche. While traveling across the U.S., it experienced 110-degree weather in the Southwest and major rainstorms in the Midwest.

During the event, the vehicle performed tremendously during its travel according to our sources. It partook in many track events in destinations such as the Brickyard in Detroit and the world-famous Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The vehicle complemented many of the world’s fastest modern supercars without requiring any maintenance.

The Gunther Werks was steered by Chad Phelps, an enthusiastic Porsche fanatic and collector with a surplus of HDPE and track day experience. Phelps has owned over 100 Porsche vehicles, mainly air-cooled classics and ultra-performance models.

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