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If Porsche Still Built the 993

Wondering what a modern version of Porsche’s last air-cooled 911 would be like? The Guntherwerks 400R aims to answer that question.

Via Road and Track by Matt Farah

In the latter half of the 1990s, all German automakers learned the same thing: you can’t build cars designed to last forever, and still make money. The changing tide could be seen in the product lineups from those companies, but none so prominently as at Porsche. The 993-era cars, 1995 through ’98, were the last “real” Porsches, some purists will say. And if the 993 wasn’t the last real one, it’s certainly among the most desirable for today’s 30-50 year olds, with an honest durability about them; a timelessness. But even peak 90’s Porsche durability was built to a price, on some kind of reasonable budget.

Guntherwerks CEO Peter Nam poses the question, standing in front of his first car, the outrageous 400R: “What if you had a 993 where every single possible thing was the best, highest quality it could possibly be, using technology available today, cost be damned?”

You’d end up with, frankly, exactly what we have here. You can see it’s different, but can’t say why, at first. Then you look closer, and realize that, wow, this is not a normal modified 911, at all.


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